3D IP Lookup Widget

3D IP Lookup Widget 0.4

Visualize IP lookup results in Google Earth


  • Instant access on your dashboard
  • Reveals IP lookup results in 3D


  • Requires Google Earth to work
  • Still in experimental stage
  • No cut and paste support
  • Takes a long time to return results

Not bad

If you have a website and you're interested in seeing where in the World your visitors have been coming from, then 3D IP Lookup Widget is a cool, if a little unnecessary tool.

You need to have Google Earth installed to use 3D IP Lookup Widget but when you do, you'll be able to pinpoint anywhere on the globe where your an IP address originates from. It uses the My IP Address lookup service to work so if that site is down, then obviously it won't work properly.

At the moment, 3D IP Lookup Widget is still in beta stage so expect some hiccups here and there. Frustratingly, it didn't seem to allow me to cut and paste IP addresses into the search box, which diminishes its usefulness considerably. Finally, the time it takes to look up addresses is ridiculously long and it's not suitable for regular lookups.

3D IP Lookup Widget is an unusual and interesting way to see where an IP address originates from but it takes far too long to work.

3D IP Lookup Widget


3D IP Lookup Widget 0.4

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